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I'm a sock monkey who blogs about Monkey Town.


I was adopted by The Lady a few years ago through the sock monkey online adoption agency eBay.

I arrived in Georgia from Washington state via the USPS. I was stuffed in a very small box, all folded up in a complicated yoga position.

Phew! I sure smelled musty.

I live with a bunch of other sock monkeys in The Lady's living room. We all sleep in a three-tiered, black wire plant holder the Lady calls Monkey Town.

The Lady took me on a trip to Manhattan two years ago. Lots of people had their picture taken with me... in a taxi, in the Delta airplane cockpit, on the Staten Island ferry and on top of the Entire State building where you can see the entire state of New York!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, all the turtles wear a crown and no one is allowed to frown here in Monkey Town!



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